Today, the rapid growth of information technology knowledge in different organizations and the use of safe technologies in Iran, have made smart cards as one of the most vital tools in this area. And the need of the market to provide products with high security that can keep pace with international standards while enjoying technical support is a must. Since its establishment, Hasin Co. has secured its place in this field by the means of its expertise and well-informed experts. As the official representative of the Korean company Kona I (KEBT) over the past ten years, Hasin Co. has been the biggest smart card and SIM card provider and manufacturer in the country.

 1.2.Java Contact Smart Card

Smart card operating systems have different types and those using Sun Micro System Java Technology operating system are branded as Java-based. This operating system is in the center of attention because it allows designers and programmers to architect freely. Java-based applications can also be used securely for any smart card which supports Java Card operating system. The possibility of updating the application on the card at any given point of time is another advantage worth mentioning. Each card to meet future users’ needs can change its applications with the help of Java operating system. These cards have different categories due to different storage capacities. They hold the dominant position in smart card market various areas including, ID cards, smart ID cards, driving license, fuel smart card, sport, etc.

1.1.2.Contactless Smart Cards

Smart contactless card has an invisible microprocessor inside. The cards connect wirelessly to a POS using radio-frequency induction technology. Once the card put next to the POS, it will connect by creating a magnetic field and depending on the magnitude of the magnetic field, it can be read in small or much larger field even a few meters away. This kind of card will be useful when it comes to have a quick or touchless connection. For example, the card may be in somebody’s pocket or bag while they are entering a room and connect to POS from the very place, then the entrance will be verified and the door will be opened. Also, many of the public transportation systems in the world are used this kind of card due to the large numbers of passengers to expedite the ticket checking process.

Now, city buses and Tehran Metro (subway) tickets are smart contactless cards and use of them has been increasing by the day. The minimum and maximum permitted standard distance for connection is 4 cm and 12 meters. Although these cards have less memory than its contact model, they have their own market in terms of security and use. They are in accordance with Mifare standard or ISO 14443 and will be used in many projects such as Metro ticket (Mifare 1K), Saipa car card (Mifare 1K), Mifare Desfire 4K, Mashhad Municipality “Man card”, Enghelab Club membership card (Mifare 1K) and so on. Hasin provides more than 4.75 million smart contactless cards for Metro, Man card, and Enghelab Club membership cards. Also, supply more than one million magnetic contactless cards (hybrid) for Tejarat bank and more than 7.2 million various Mifare cards for publishing company of Meli bank.

1.1.3.Banking EMV Cards

By an overview of the fundamental differences between the two types of magnetic payment and EMV smart cards, we can easily conclude that magnetic cards not only act inadequately in securing banking data, they also are unable in small, contactless, offline and borderless payments. Smart cards based on EMV standard, in addition to having all the features of a payment card, are reliable in ensuring the security of the cards and the cardholder information and do not have the above mentioned disadvantages. Other advantages of smart card based on EMV standard are as follows:

High Security and Reduce the Fraudments Risk

Forging smart cards is far more difficult than forging magnetic cards. The Visa Institute estimates that at least 70 percent of offenses will be reduced by using a smart card, and 90 percent misuses of lost and stolen card can be prevented. This high security is because of three-phase security assessment during a transaction, which includes the following steps:

1. Card authentication
2. Recipient authentication
3. Transaction verification
4. Reduce telecommunication costs

Most magnetic card transactions require online authorization. The high security of smart cards makes offline transactions possible. Also, in such transactions, speed will be an influential factor. The speed of an online transaction in EMV, for example, is 50% higher than cash payments, and under the same circumstances, the speed of an offline transaction is 60% higher than an online transaction. These seemingly small times, for example when you want to pay for a ticket or a public place entrance fee, will be of high importance.

Using Memory and CPU

With the help of this memory and CPU, you can put variety of applications such as E-PURSE and LOYALTY on smart cards which attract customers. This feature only depends on financial institutions’ creativity and diversity of ideas in providing new services and programs, and this feature has led to the design of a wide range of facilities on the cards hitherto. The typical estimated number of cards required by a citizen in Europe, including bank cards or membership cards or entry / exit cards, is 15. Imagining a bag in which 15 cards can be placed and the obsessed owners have to keep 15 different passwords in their minds, is somewhat impossible and humorous. By smart cards, this imagination has become a reality and the need of the hour. Moreover, all the 15 cards’ data can put in a simple smart card.

Expansion of international exchanges

Considering the ever-increasing expansion of international travel and global exchanges and due to the fact that codification of economic transactions regulations and the way they will be implemented has been greatly impressed by that global village perspective, using smart cards based on EMV standards can be a big step in meeting global standards and providing services to citizens and travelers.

Having global standards, these cards can be used in all standard banking systems. Hasin Co. has a long history of providing more than 8 million smart cards in the banking system with the names of Bon card, electronic signatures, etc., for Keshavarzi bank, Melli bank, Pasargad bank and bank of Industry and Mine. The most familiar products of Hasin Company in this field from Kona I cards series are Kona 26, Kona 25 and Kona 111.

1.1.4.SIM Cards

SIM card as the most essential part of our communication tool is being developed and its performance is being improved constantly. Nowadays what introduces different generations of the global mobile network is 2G, 3G, and 4G SIM cards. Hasin has provided a large amount of SIM cards—over 64 million MTC SIM cards, some of which are in progress. Also, 3,955,000 3G and 4G, NFC cards and Java-Dual Interface cards for Rightel Company, as well as a total of 574,600 types of 2G / 3G, 4G and NFC for Parsian Hamrah Lotus Co. of MVNO has been provided by Hasin company.

In many remote areas of the country which connection to nationwide mobile network is not possible and the wireless communication for residents and staff of construction projects is necessary, a local telecommunication network is used which requires SIM cards customized to this network and known as the WLL (Wireless Local Loop) in the market. Hasin Company has supplied about 100,000 SIM cards for this network in Zanjan, Gilan and Ilam centers.

1.1.5.Smart Card Module

With countrywide expansion of smart cards technology and increased use of them in various projects, large companies have bought smart card manufacturing machines and started mass production for large national and banking projects. These companies have been making the final product of smart cards by using PVC sheets and smart card modules purchased in rolls. Hasin Co. has the ability to offer module rolls for these companies and depending on the technical requirements of each project and each company, provides the customers with different models in roll format for different uses (each roll has about 10,000 modules). In this area, Hasin has a history of supplying more than 950,000 modules to publishing company of Meli bank and Lale Computer.

1.1.6.Smart Tag (RFID)

Another type of Hasin’s smart products, a simple solution to many large projects, are smart tags. In the simplest form, a tag is comprised of an antenna and an electronic chip. The chip in the RFID tag uses read-only memory or rewritable memory for storing and retrieving data and in some cases, changing the data. In some tags, a battery may also be used (the distinction between active and passive tags.)

Smart tags fall into two categories of active and passive which are different in terms of their performance and technical specifications.

Active Tags:

Active tags refer to those RFID tags which a battery installed on their motherboard and their features are as follows:

  • When necessary, the RFID tag transmit stored data to the reader, this source allows the power needed for data transmission (similar to the battery of mobile phones.)
  • Active tags, in general, have large memories (for example, up to 128 KB.)
  • Larger size, high production cost and battery lifetime is two to seven years.
  • Connection with code readers which have less power.

Passive Tags

Passive tags do not have a power supply on the board, and they take the power to send data from the sent signal of the code reader. The features of these tags are as follows:

  • Small size tag, low production costs, shorter-range coverage (for example, several meters)
  • Passive tags have far less memory than active tags (only a few KB)
  • Code readers need to have reliable power.

Tags are generally seen as plain labels on commodities, machines, cars, and even staff cards. Tag uses vary in different projects. Here are the most common uses of labels:

  • Staff access control in authorized and unauthorized parts
  • Electronic anti-theft surveillance products
  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Vehicle identification and car tax
  • Control and locate train wagons in rail transportation
  • Control and identify the passengers’ luggage
  • Livestock and meat management
  • Libraries and books management


2.1.Comprehensive payment solutions  

2.1.1.Card Issuance and Personalization Solution

Software knowledge is one of the most important competitive advantages of Hasin Co., and over the last few years, the company has gained a great deal of experiences in smart card development. Due to the all-encompassing experience in smart cards and banking systems as well as active participation in smart card systems of banks countrywide, Hasin Company offers all the services required to apply VSDC standard in the banking system. Smart cards VSDC personalization will be done in accordance with the standards of VIS 1.4.0 and EMV4.

2.1.2.Smart Shopping Cart Solutions (offline / online)

2.1.3.Comprehensive solution of Internet by Card

2.1.4.Comprehensive solution of Internet E-Wallet

2.1.5.Bon Card store Comprehensive solution (virtual system)

2.1.6.Multipurpose Smart Card Solution (cash/ Bon/ installment/ wallet, etc)

2.1.7.Cash Register Solution based on POS-EFT

Today, hardly can you find stores that are equipped with EFT-POS. According to the technical and engineering ability to produce efficient software in electronic payment and bank POS, Hasin Co., provides cash register solution based on POS-EFT by connecting to a barcode scanner. One the features of this system worth knowing is the integration of the cash register with bank POS which accelerate the sales process in the stores and lead to customer satisfaction.

2.2.Smart identification solutions

2.2.1.Smart Fuel Card Comprehensive Solution

By a glimpse of Iran’s 20-Year Perspective Document, we recognize that the use of advanced information technology tools is so fundamental that all private and public organizations are obliged to implement it. Achieving national projects goals that are being set up by government organizations requires technical know-how and the-state-of-art technology. The smart fuel card, smart certificate card, Haj card and smart trading card projects are some of the underway projects in the country. Supplying more than 15 million new generation fuel smart cards to the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company and a total of 1,300,000 smart card modules for smart certificate projects, the Healthcare card and Haj card projects are part and parcel of its records in leading national projects.

2.2.2.Smart Subsidy Distribution comprehensive solution (Coupon)

Given the country’s economic conditions and defining tailor-made projects according to Comprehensive Economic Plan, subsidized smart cards can be a good option to meet pre-determined goals of such projects. In recent years, with the law of targeting subsidies enactment, monthly payments are made to personal accounts of the breadwinners. Regarding the objectives of the subsidy targeting law, possessing a smart card to allocate this amount can be of great help in order to target the expenses of the cash flow, for example, in paying energy carriers expenses or buying the essential items. Considering the perspective of this plan to calculate the amount of subsidy depending on the specific situation of each family, the fully smart card with high security can be a proper solution for the same national projects.

2.2.3.A comprehensive smart healthcare card solution

Smart Healthcare Card is one of the world’s first smart card projects. This card, which has an important place in therapeutic systems nowadays, can be a good alternative to insurance booklets. Owing to the ability of smart cards to save large amount of information while maintaining security, which can include patients’ medical records and medical imaging and reports, the patients do not need to carry a large volume of medical reports in their frequent doctor visits. Also, various real-time access to the information embedded on the card while maintaining the patient’s medical secrets, will provide the emergency physician with different types of information compared to an expert physician. This card can also be used as a medical wallet and then it is possible to estimate either medical expenses separately or with insurance and other facilities for the cardholder and related organizations.

Expediting the diagnostic process and treatment and maintaining information over the course of time will be another feature of this card.

The healthcare card project in Iran was conducted by several organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Health, like the Social Security Organization and its affiliate, Shams Tamin Company. In this regard, Hasin Company has cooperated with Sham Tamin Co. to implement Arak Healthcare Card project and supply 300,000 smart cards along with related software.

2.2.4.A comprehensive smart ID card solution

It has been a long time since paper identity cards have been replaced by smaller national identification cards, but this change has not provided users with sufficient information and security. Applying smart cards is considered the best suitable solution being offered by Hasin Company thanks to its numerous experiences during cooperation with several government organizations and centers. As a result, the company can provide solutions to such organizations based on their different requirements. Besides, Kona I Company is one of most leading international companies in identification cards.

2.2.5.A comprehensive sport smart card

With the ever-increasing expansion of sports, the development of big gyms and the international presence of athletes in various sports, athletes, as a small but important part of society, need to be supported by the related organizations. To organize all athletes’ affairs, smart cards are the suitable option for different federations. Therefore, the federations have the accurate number of athletes in each sport and can provide the facilities and equipment of each individual athlete. Hasin Company has been providing cards and smart systems for such projects, like the Enghelab Club membership card.

2.2.6.A comprehensive solution to identification smart card of organization

Large organizations and institutions can use smart cards as staff ID cards to maintain their employees’ information, as well as assign the level of staff access to documents and locations. These cards can store the financial and administrative records of employees and be applied as a high-security key to enter different parts of the company.

2.2.7.Smart card travel (Haj) Comprehensive solution

Travel smart card is a new and effective option for those who have multiple personal or business trips. By using such cards, these people would benefit greatly from different aspects in their travels, including modes of travel, accommodation and special travel services during the year. The benefits of this card are as follows:

  • Increase sales and employment rate in the tourism sector
  • Use up-to-date network in service
  • Use modern systems and e-commerce
  • Enjoy discounts and incentive rates
  • Enhance security for carrying money
  • Increase tourism services quality and entrepreneurship
  • Reduce traffic and urban problems

In this regard, Meli Bank of Iran issued a Haj Card to meet specific needs of pilgrims of Haj. Hasin Co., in cooperation with publishing company of Meli bank supplied 630,000 smart module units of these cards. The specifications of this card are as follows:

An identification code in accordance with the Haj Registration Sheet

  • The ability to use in branches, Internet payment portals (PINPAD, POS, ATM)
  • The ability to pay, receive, transfer funds and payment of bills
  • The ability to embed medical records of the Haj applicants with their blood group on the smart card memory
  • The ability to connect to the short-term current account, saving and interest free loan account of the Haj applicant.

2.3.Smart transportation solutions

2.3.1.Comprehensive electronic ticket system

The important stand of urban transportation in today’s hectic pace of life throughout the world is common knowledge. But what might disrupt this speed is the old payment systems; paying cash, waiting to count the money and the changes difficulty! It has been years since this old system has lost its effectiveness and has been replaced by the smart cards as electronic tickets, which these days are available in all citizens’ wallets. The electronic tickets fall into two types of contact and contactless according to their uses. Paying bus and metro ticket and even taxi fare can be done with this system. Hasin Company has provided 3.250.000 and 1.500.000 smart cards respectively in two major projects of metro and Man Card of Mashhad and Ahwaz.

2.3.2.Urban service card system

With technology growth, urban services have been taken a new form in metropolises. Payment of urban services, including taxes and municipal charges, as well as payment for using public places affiliated with municipalities, like cultural centers, public libraries, amusement park and cultural houses can be done via these cards. Also, this card can cover a certain category of citizens according to their needs.

2.3.3.Smart toll collection system

Waiting in the long lines in highways to pay tolls is a new dilemma due to the dramatic increase in the car numbers and the importance of decreasing travel time. Smart tags are a simple and cost-effective solution to solve this problem. By affixing these tags on the vehicle’s windscreen and recharging account according to either pre-set amount or driver’s convenient, there is no need to stand in line for cash transaction. At toll plaza with the special labels, toll amount is automatically deducted from the credit account. In this method, in addition to save time and the cost of producing a banknote, a suitable traffic census can be conducted on interurban roads and at the arrival and departure points of metropolises.



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