Raya Navid Samaneh Company (Private joint stock company) started its activity by producing and developing Ubiprocess software, with the aim to provide appropriate context for information technology integrated solutions based on Business Process Management System (BPMS). Besides, as a newly-established firm in the field of information technology, it has the potency to implement software projects throughout the country.

Managers and experts of the company have the essential expertise in the fields of Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and MBA business knowledge. Persistently, the company’s experts are in contact with customers and simultaneously reassess and upgrade Ubiprocess software. The major objective of the company is to increase customer satisfaction by improving the software performance and technical know-how along with creating a better competitive advantage compared to similar products in IT market.

In the area of managing business processes for organizations, companies and other businesses, UbiProcess software and its cloud-based version with the name of Bizotop are accessible to present and utilize.

The BPMS business process management software, called Ubiprocess, is the magnum opus of Hasin Company that was developed utilizing the knowledge and experience of powerful Iranian human resources to be an indigenous software. Successful customers using Ubiprocess software in their business processes management have had influential and effective benefits and experiences using this software due to the fact that it is a dynamic and powerful tool capable of designing, implementing, refining and improving business processes. The software is currently being developed by Raya Navid Company.

This software integrates all the existing systems and all the upcoming designed systems and can bridge the gap between the beneficiaries including business units, business organization partners, customers, employees, and so on. This software has the ability to define the workflows and tasks of each organization, and in addition to capabilities of the normal BPMS, it provides users with a wider range of tools and facilities. Through UbiProcess, software and process ideas can be transformed into organization operating systems within a short time. Having given a graphic representation of the process that can be easily provided to users via any kind of communication channels (multichannel system), there is no need to have a software team and program. The channels such as the web, mobile app, telegram, chat messengers, POS devices, USSD, and so on are the ways to connect users to the system.


Unit. 2, third floor, Mahya building, between Suhrawardi St. and Shariati St., Motahari Ave., Tehran, Iran

Tel:+98 21 8814 9819

Website: www.Bizotop.com