Gooshshop was launched in 2005 to be the first online store specializing in cell phone sales as well as providing relevant content.

Myket is an Android store with over 300,000 apps and games that launched its activity in the fall of 2011.  its activity in the fall

Taaghche is an application designed to enjoy reading and listening the books. In this app, you have access to thousands of free books

Raya Navid Samaneh Company (Private joint stock company) started its activity by producing and developing Ubiprocess software.

Tarabaarnet is the outcome of the strategic partnership of several knowledge-based and technology companies. and others technology companies

Comprehensive digital marketing solutions. Powered by the Magnet’s exclusive platform. provides modern and pragmatic methods for exclusive platform

Spinno is a business partner of the country’s mobile operators as a value-added service (VAS) provider with the intention of innovating and providing distinct services in this field.

Allin has started to provide services regarding POS devices including marketing, installation and supporting since 2014. Here are some of the current projects being carried out to supporting since 2014

Radin Company is the result of amalgamation of Two Hasin Holding’s company, “Novin Telecom” and “Hasin Imen”. Radin Focuses and integrated on 5 major fields which included of Bank Systems and Payment,

is in charge of business affairs including importing and exporting, especially the execution of procurement and transportation.and transportation. 

SMART CARD AND SIM CARD Today, the rapid growth of information technology knowledge in different organizations and the use of safe technologies

EFT-POS stands for Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale, which means electronic payment at the place of services and is widely used in payment