About Hasin

In 2003, a number of students from Sharif University of Technology who were members of the Young Scientists Club, planned to do something which was not the trend of the day. As more and more educated people were emigrating from the country they decided to swim against the tide to reduce brain drain.They dreamed of founding a large international group which could persuade their overseas friends to come back to the country.

The first step of this journey was taken by registering the Fan Afarin Hasin Qeshm Company in 2004. The three members turned into a six-member group. Having gone through difficulties, gradually the company was managed to prove its worth to the more experienced ones. Great actions need people with lofty ambitions and aspirations, and Hasin’s team was well-informed that human capital is the most crucial asset worth saving. People who also had some thoughts and dreams to achieve, joined Hasin Group with a treasure trove which was their talent. They managed to be among 8% of those who have stayed with Hasin over the course of these years and have broadened their business horizons. Now, after fifteen years, Hasin family has more than 400 members, and more than half of country’s population have benefited from the Hasin services either directly or indirectly.